At Spring Valley Kennel, we pride ourselves on the cleanliness and quiet of our facility.  Many customers have told us it’s the cleanest kennel they have ever seen.  The wide aisles and spacious kennel runs give a feeling of spaciousness, and the kennel construction lends itself to keeping noise to a minimum.  The result:  More quiet, less stress, and more relaxed dogs.

Dogs are let out individually into our large fenced airing yards at least four times daily.  Our last walk-through and airing for the dogs is between 8:00 and 9:00 in the evening, to ensure that the dogs can rest comfortably through the night.

Our kennel-specific software allows us to keep accurate records on each individual pet under our care.  Medications are administered accurately and on time.  You can trust that your pet’s special needs can be met by our experienced staff.

Kennel Interior 6
Kennel Outside Back