Obedience Training

Linda is an experienced obedience and field dog trainer.  She is very knowledgeable with basic obedience work all the way through to very advanced obedience work, including pinch collars and electric collar training.  She specializes in young dogs and in teaching women how to assert themselves with their pets to get results.

Linda has successfully tested dogs through the North American Versatile Dog Association and AKC.  She also has trained two of her personal dogs to a Versatile Champion Title and those dogs are now in the National Bird Dog Museum.

Sean specializes in field dog training; however the basis of a good field dog starts with simple obedience. If you are looking for an expert on electric collar training, he is your guy.

All obedience training is done one-on-one.   We want you to be focused and get your money’s worth.

Boot Camp

If you are looking for more intensive obedience, check out our Ten-Day Boot Camp!

Field Training

If you are looking for a better hunting companion or you are looking for a tested and titled dog, Sean can work with you to accomplish it.  Pointing breeds are his specialty.  Sean has trained countless dogs.  No two dogs are the same and therefore Sean adapts his techniques to every dog.  Sean believes in building strong prey drive first and foremost.  He will teach you how be a better handler and learn to read your dog better.  Sean is very up front and honest with you about your dog’s progress and any issues he sees.

Training is generally done by the month.  The last week of the training, Sean will have you come out and work with him and your dog.  Training season usually begins at the end of April/beginning of March and continues into early September.  Please book early, Sean only takes on 4-6 dogs a month.  Time slots fill quickly.

Sean has trained and tested many dogs through both NAVHDA and AKC.  As of 2011 he has trained and owns four Versatile Champions, one of which also holds a Master Hunter Title.  All are in the National Bird Dog Museum.

Many, many references from all over the U.S. are available upon request.

Sean & Linda Training
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